Contactless Test and Measuring Systems

The main focus of the department Contactless Test and Measuring Systems lies on the development of optical 3D measurement systems for tire manufacturers and of specialized X-ray cameras.

Optical 3D Measurement System for Tire Manufacturer Applications

3D laser scanners developed by our department are mainly used for the inspection of green and completed tires. A new system for high speed tire testing has been put into operation this spring. The system records up to 10,000 height profiles per second and stores the data in a 500 MB ring buffer. The system is used for the analysis of damage processes in tires at high speed.

X-Ray Camera XScan

A new X-ray camera was developed for the inspection of welded joints. This camera has an active area of 200 mm x 50 mm and a pixel size of 50 µm. All electronic parts are fully protected against radiation damages up to 225 kV tube voltage. The camera fulfills and partly surpasses the standards for radio scopic film systems for weld inspection. A second X-ray camera features an active area of 200 mm x 200 mm. The pixel size can be chosen within the range 50 µm – 400 µm. Again, all electronic parts are protected against radiation damage. Even in applications where conventional X-ray cameras fail after a few months, this new camera type is expected to work many years with constant image quality.