Real Time Channel Simulator DT4630 RTSIM

The real time channel simulator for HF channels enables economical and reliable tests of communication systems like wireless modems. The RTSIM DT4630 recreates all relevant properties of the shortwave transmission channel which is the ionosphere. Thereby the Watterson channel model according to ITU-R F.1487 serves as basis. Therewith properties of different devises under test can be compared and evaluated within the same marginal conditions.


Stand-alone operation incl. touch-screen  

  • High-reliability hardware built for continuous operation
  • Full remote control via remote front panel GUI
  • Remote scripting capability for simulation setup automation
  • Easy software update of complete device via USB stick or CD
  • Channel simulation according to the Watterson model described in ITU-R F.1487
  • Direct conversion architecture with full HF band support (1 MHz to 30 MHz)
  • Simulation bandwidth of 1.6 MHz
  • Clock synchronization to external 10 MHz reference clock signal
  • Very little processing delay (below 50 μs)


Control interfaces

  • Front panel GUI with touch-screen and keypads for direct device configuration
  • Remote front panel GUI executable for Win32 (portable application: no installation required, for easy use it can be copied e.g. to a USB stick and run from there)
  • Compact web interface for remote control
  • Remote scripting capability for simulation setup automation


RF input and output

  • Analogue RF input (50 Ω), max. input level of +10 dBm
  • Direct sampling ADC with 100 MS/s
  • Analogue RF output (50 Ω), max. output level of -20 dBm
  • RF input and output range from 1 MHz to 30 MHz
  • Configurable output attenuation of up to 127 dB
  • Synchronization to external 10 MHz reference clock signal (e.g. GPS)


Real-time channel simulation

  • Simulation bandwidth of 1.6 MHz
  • Multipath simulation of up to four paths
  • All path individually configurable for paths delay, Doppler spread, Doppler shift and attenuation
  • Tapped delay line processing for delays up to 20 ms
  • Doppler spread configurable from 0 Hz to 75 Hz
  • Doppler shift configurable from 0 Hz to ±100 Hz
  • Relative path attenuation configurable from 0 dB to 20 dB
  • Signal output can be charged with white Gaussian noise (AWGN) from -160 dBm/Hz to -20 dBm/Hz


Customer-specific options and price lists are available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

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