Public Safety

The ability to maintain reliable, efficient communication is crucial to public security, as is seamless coverage. Fraunhofer IIS scientists are developing optimized solutions for secure communication, with the emphasis on terrestrial wireless communication systems for voice and data transmission such as tactical communication.

Our work in this context focuses on designing and implementing optimized waveforms as well as transmitter and receiver prototyping including RF power amplifiers. In the area of tactical communications, we made substantial contributions to a new generation of radio equipment based on software defined radio technology.

Test and measurement equipment

We offer test and measurement equipment for real time channel simulations and SDR interface testing – a reliable and economic way to test communication systems.


SDR test platform

Tailored to the development and testing of new waveform technologies


Interface tester DT4610

For OBISS-based SDRs


Real-time channel
simulator RTSIM DT4630

For HF communications

Simulation, test and
reference environment for mobile operations “SumO”

One single architecture for various component, connection, and system tests

Antenna solutions for public safety

In critical situations, interference-free, full-coverage, high-performance communication is essential for public and individual safety. Our focus is on the development of reliable directional antennas for radio signal monitoring and disaster management.


Smart antenna systems

Absolute reliability in any situation

GNSS antennas

For safety-critical applications

Transmitter and receiver components for software defined radio systems

In communication applications, transmission quality is strongly dependent on how well the individual components perform. The weakest link in the signal chain determines the quality of the transmission. To increase the reliability of wireless communication and achieve higher data rates, Fraunhofer IIS is continuously enhancing transmitter and receiver components for software defined radio systems.


Power amplifier

Optimal efficiency and linearity at high transmit power