Power Amplifier

High linearity, frequency agility and energy efficiency

Communication technologies used in public safety applications, as well as new wireless technologies for IoT and the 5G standard, place high demands on the RF amplifiers needed for transmitting the signal. In order to realize high transmission bandwidths, state-of-the-art modulation techniques require an amplifier with high linearity. At the same time and against the backdrop of the digital dividend and the associated re-allocation of frequencies, the amplifier must exhibit a high degree of frequency agility. Furthermore, highly energy-efficient RF amplifier technology makes communication systems more cost-effective and leads to improved mobile applications.

Individually-matched amplifiers for high energy efficiency

Different fields of application call for different classes of power amplifiers. An amplifier, matching the intended application, ensures reliable and precise transmission of the signal to the receiver. Individually adapting the power amplifier to the environmental conditions, transmission frequency range, signal bandwidth and modulation technique thus provides an optimized degree of energy efficiency. The challenge here is to simultaneously achieve sufficient linearity and high energy efficiency.

The right power amplifier for every application

In order to cover the various fields of application, we developed class AB and J linear amplifiers, class D and E circuit amplifiers and push-pull amplifiers. Our expertise also includes envelope tracking and Doherty load modulation. The power amplifiers developed by Fraunhofer IIS can achieve a high output of up to 50 watts per module, as well as extensive bandwidth of up to 1 GHz in the RF range.

We also offer our customers analytical and simulated evaluations in the area of energy-efficient, linear amplifiers. By utilizing state-of-the-art simulation tools such as Keysight's ADS for large signal and field simulations, and with the help of an extensive component library, we can answer critical questions during the early stages of amplifier development. To verify and optimize the power amplifier parameters, we have access to powerful test and measurement technologies such as impedance tuners from Focus and Maury. With these tools, we can also measure and characterize your existing amplifiers. Experience in prototype development and amplifier linearization completes our available expertise.

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