Our Solutions for Energy Management

Performances of Energy Management

We create and optimize methods, products, and systems all the way from the design stage until they are ready for the market. In our Energy Management business field, we base our research on the latest methods and findings.

Building on our expertise and experience, we develop sustainable, technologically ambitious solutions that will help you to hold your own in national and international competition.

Finding the best solution to your problem is what we are all about.

A decisive factor for ensuring stable and resource-efficient energy supply in the future is the way energy producers, users, and storage facilities interact in smart grids. We support these interactions by offering reliable, secure, and cost-effective information and communication technologies for grid operation.

Big improvements in efficiency and optimizations in energy usage can be achieved by implementing suitable measures in buildings and industrial installations and in manufacturing processes. To facilitate the achievement of these goals, we simulate and devise new system architectures and develop communication and control methods based on embedded systems.

Energy Self-Sufficiency

In the field of energy self-sufficiency, we offer technologies and systems for monitoring, converting, and storing energy for various consumers and applications (e.g. battery management, energy harvesting).


EnCN is an interdisciplinary platform for energy research in Bavaria that pools existing academic and applied research expertise in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region