Secure framework for your IoT-System

The framework for Industry 4.0, building and energy management

OGEMA was developed as a linkage platform for a variety of communication technologies, which also provides a runtime environment for local apps and can be run on a variety of edge controllers.

Around a core, the actual OGEMA framework, further, even complex interfaces and applications can be added, which can interact freely with each other.
Around a core, the actual OGEMA framework, further, even complex interfaces and applications can be added, which can interact freely with each other.

These individual small programs manage on-site all upcoming tasks. If required, OGEMA supports a secure and reliable connection to the cloud or even runs in the cloud. Specially created or already existing apps in a library can be installed during operation. One or more cooperative apps can easily solve more complex automation and monitoring tasks. The integrated security concept provides configurable access to local assets.


A large number of already existing interfaces facilitates a fast prototyping for the user. All data that a communications adapter receives or transmits is stored or read in a system-internal database. To ensure interoperability between the different interfaces and the apps, OGEMA maps the data to internal standardized data types. Other interfaces in the form of apps can be easily connected. Each app, but also the basic OGEMA system, has its own user interface in the form of optional web apps based on HTML 5 and JavaScript standards. Thus, without the installation of special software, mobile devices as well as standard computers can access the respective information.


The technological core is an integrated runtime environment for local apps that offer the highest level of flexibility. Applications such as condition monitoring, visualization and control of processes, but also energy and load management can be programmed in the form of local apps. These have standardized interfaces and can be operated without modification on various edge controllers as well as in the cloud. Specially created or already existing apps in a library can be installed during operation, if necessary via its own App Store. The integrated security concept provides configurable access to local assets.


Safety is very important to us.

Our platform includes a multi-level security concept. Depending on your needs, you can choose from three security levels. The definition of roles and the individual assignment of access rights and usage rights are intuitive.

The technical facts

Fraunhofer IIS offers with OGEMA a software framework that integrates any communication interface. The data of the connected devices are converted to standardized communication objects in OGEMA and stored in OGEMA's own internal resource database.

This is designed as a directed data graph and gives the user the opportunity to map the physical world behind the system in the data structure. Thus, a tree structure can depict a building in floors, apartments and rooms or the structure of a production hall. The data is kept persistent in the database so that it will be available again after the system is rebooted. For connected devices that send data cyclically, historical data can be stored in form of time series.

The app concept

On the OGEMA Framework individually created applications are installed in the form of apps. This installation can be done either with the help of a local server, an app store or, if desired, remotely with the help of an administrator. Apps access the database of the resource database and thus the stored communication objects. It is also possible to search for specific structures in the database and to register for specific events. In this case, the app is notified when certain data objects on the connected communication interfaces have changed and it can be reacts to it in a targeted manner.


Apps for complex exchange and synchronization options:

  • Bidirectional data synchronization with OPC UA servers
  • Node-RED plugin for interaction with graphically connected JavaScript modules for rapid application prototyping
  • Interface to the PLC OpenPCS software from infoteam Software AG for PLC controllers programmed to IEC61131
  • PFA (Portable Format for Analytics) interface for Data Analytics in preparation
  • Reload apps with PKI infrastructure from custom app stores

Security concept with different usage rights

Data Security
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We offer a framework that provides all the security mechanisms for optimal protection on the app page.

Safety already played an important role in the system design of OGEMA. Depending on the required security level, the integrated multi-level security concept allows targeted protection of the system. At the lowest level, the framework works as a single-user system. Further stages cover multi-user systems up to the construction of safety-critical systems. Different roles and users can be defined. Each app of a user can fine granular access rights to certain resources in the database. Since the communication adapters are also designed as apps, individual protection rights for each communication interface can only unlock the data objects relevant to them for access. All communication relationships with the Internet or a local WLAN are encrypted according to the state of the art. Special security measures ensure that the communication of apps on smartphones or tablets is sufficiently secured

Peter Heusinger talks about OGEMA

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  • Easy expandability through flexible app concept
    Download apps from a server or app store without interrupting system operation, remote administration possible

  • Interoperability through variable resource database
    Persistent resource graph recreates system structure and uses standardized data objects

  • Fast extension of further communication interfaces
    System can be extended by special adapter apps during operation with new interfaces

  • Variety of interfaces already available
    Offer covers the area of energy management, smart metering, building, Industry 4.0 and cloud connectivity

  • Multi-level security concept
    Supports single-user and multi-user operation, encryption of communication to the internet and protection of access via web apps

  • Hardware independence
    OGEMA and apps created for it are executable without changes on different processors

  • Run on commercial industrial hardware
    OGEMA supports the revolution PI from Kunbus and OnRISC Alekto 2, further implementations on request

Application scenarios

The system integration mechanisms of the Fraunhofer IIS Edge Computing platform can be used in a variety of application scenarios.

Edge Computing for Industry 4.0

Comprehensive Communication for Individual Production with OGEMA
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Comprehensive Communication for Individual Production with OGEMA

Industry 4.0 is now used in many places and ensures that the production of products as well as the transport logistics can be made more individual, cheaper and faster in terms of time. Individual production up to batch size 1 but also the cloud connection plays a major role here. According to your requirements and wishes, we can develop individual applications for machine control in connection with the integrated software SPS.

Further information about Industry 4.0

Edge Computing framework for building management

Manage energy with OGEMA intelligently and flexibly in buildings.

If you follow current trends in development, you can see how buildings today are increasingly equipped with intelligence to optimize their operation, increase energy efficiency and improve substance conservation. In the private sector, buildings and apartments are turning into smart homes. These offer residents an increase in comfort, more safety and the opportunity to save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Further information about building management

Edge Computing framework for energy management

OGEMA 2.0 Energy Management System
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Convenient, smart and mobile control with OGEMA

The certification of energy-intensive production companies to ISO 50.001, the rollout of smart meters, the nationwide reorganization of energy generation through the use of renewable energy sources combined with the significant increase in the burden on electrical distribution grids define today the priorities of flexible energy management.

Further information about energy mangement

OGEMA is an open source framework

The source code of the framework and a preconfigured demo kit are available through the Github hosting service at

We are happy to customize OGEMA for you according to your wishes and requirements. For commercial use, OGEMA licenses can be purchased.

As an independent research institute, we help you find the best solution to your problems. With existing devices, components and technologies, we develop new, tailor-made applications. With partners from the industry we explore the optimal, application-oriented solution.

History of OGEMA

OGEMA was created in the project »OGEMA 2.0«. As part of this project, the Fraunhofer Institutes for Integrated Circuits IIS, Solar Energy Systems ISE, and Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES worked together with industry partners on an open energy management gateway as an interface between »Smart Building« and »Smart Grid«. The project objective was an open communication system for optimal energy use of various energy producers, storage and consumers. This goal was realized and we were able to make a valuable contribution in communicating the supply stability of network operators.

After completion of the project, Fraunhofer IIS intensified its use of its own developments OGEMA for the application scenarios Industry 4.0 and Buildings.

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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Further information about the project OGEMA

Free download

The source code of the framework and a pre-configured demo kit are now available through the hosting service Github.