Smart Watts

Smart Watts

In the »Smart Watts« project, which forms part of the German federal government’s »E-Energy« funding program, new approaches for optimizing energy supply through the use of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) were developed and tested in six model regions. »E-Energy« has exploited the optimization potential of ICT in order to achieve greater cost-effectiveness, security of supply, and climate and environmental compatibility in this area.

The name »Smart Watts« refers to intelligent kilowatt hours. The energy is accompanied by a continuous flow of price and quality information.

The objective of »Smart Watts« was to develop an open system that opens up new routes to greater energy utility and efficiency for public utilities, device manufacturers, service providers, and other energy customers. In a field trial, the results of the »Smart Watts« development work were demonstrated in the Aachen region in western Germany. The »EEBUS« standardization initiative also emerged from the project.

The project work produced a smart meter gateway that acts as a local data hub and as an interface to the Internet of Energy. In addition to basic remote meter reading functions, the gateway applications receive, process, and distribute additional information – such as dynamic energy prices and current consumption values – to smart homes, delivering the basis for smart, demand-based energy management.

Fraunhofer IIS’s contributions to the »Smart Watts« project:

  • Energy-efficiency analysis of hardware components, software, communication
  • Suitability evaluation of communication technologies (powerline, RF, broadband technologies)
  • Evaluation of meter connection protocols
  • Development of display concepts
  • Development of communication architectures
  • Implementation of smart meter gateway applications
  • Implementation of visualization software

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