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Safety and Security Technologies

In the field of Security Engineering, we have grouped together our expertise in safety, security and defense research. Focal areas range from individual human safety to transportation security for logistics and defense applications. A special area of emphasis is the vulnerability of the complex technical infrastructures on which modern industrial society depends. We therefore offer solutions for the preventive surveillance of transportation facilities and traffic hubs, for access control, and to ensure the availability of failsafe communication links for emergency responders.

Safety and Security - At a Glance


People, grounds and freight need to be protected. Minimizing the risk of injury and protecting logistics facilities against unauthorized access is our goal.



Hier finden Sie Produktbroschüren und Flyer des Fraunhofer IIS im pdf-Format. Sie enthalten eine Einführung in unsere Technologien aus dem Bereich Sicherheit  und führen Anwendungsszenarien auf.


As an independent engineering service provider, we offer a broad spectrum of services and solutions.



Fraunhofer IIS is continuously developing new technologies that help make your personal and work life safer and more secure.



The research and development activities of the Fraunhofer IIS focus on the optimization and development of new solutions for industry and science.


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