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The research and development activities of the Fraunhofer IIS focus on the optimization and development of new solutions for industry and science. Together with various partners, the following projects were implemented with Fraunhofer IIS technologies.

....... for reliable Transport

The larger and more critical the infrastructure, the more important it is to implement reliable locating solutions. See the quality for yourself.

Safety and Security Technologies

Overview Transport

...... for large Infrastructures

Larger infrastructures mean more personnel to keep track of, leading to more complex operational environments. Reliable and innovative locating and positioning technologies can help in these situations.

Safety and Security Technologies

Overview Infrastructure

......for People

Nothing is more valuable than a life. We develop solutions that help protect security personnel or enable seniors to live in their familiar surroundings as long as possible.

...... for Defense

Innovative concepts and developments help improve and expand military defense systems.

Safety and Security Technologies

Overview Defense