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Series: Innovation Driver Coffee / 2.6.2023

How the use of mioty® can benefit coffee production

Audio and Media Technologies / 25.5.2023

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2023: MPEG-H Audio system

Smart Sensing and Electronics / 26.4.2023

ParasiteWeb®: modern, virtual proficiency tests for medical laboratories

Adaptive Systems / 19.4.2023

Fraunhofer IIS: Peter Schneider appointed as professor at TU Dresden

Positioning and Networks / 17.4.2023

Positioning for private 5G networks

Audio and Media Technologies / 14.4.2023

MainConcept and Fraunhofer IIS collaborate on MPEG-H Audio and xHE-AAC encoding for video and audio streaming services

Audio and Media Technologies / 14.4.2023

Fraunhofer IIS partners with Avid to enable support of MPEG-H Audio in Pro Tools

Audio and Media Technologies / 13.4.2023

MPEG-H Audio Available in Future Nuendo Updates

Audio and Media Technologies / 13.4.2023

Ateme and Fraunhofer Join Forces to Deliver Next Generation Audio

Fraunhofer IIS / 4.4.2023

Prof. Alexander Martin joins Founding Executive Board at UTN

Audio and Media Technologies / 4.4.2023

Google extends license agreement for AAC codec range with Fraunhofer IIS

Series: Hydrogen / 29.3.2023

A vision for hydrogen: Interview with Dr. Tassilo Schuster and Karlheinz Ronge

Series: Innovation Driver Coffee / 28.3.2023

Tackling the coffee shortage with Fraunhofer technology and responsible behavior

Positioning and Networks / 9.3.2023

There is room for AI even in the smallest space - embedded world 2023

Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT / 23.2.2023

Digitization of Benin Bronzes Using High Energy Computed Tomography

Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT / 2.2.2023

Fraunhofer IIS hosts 12th conference on industrial computed tomography

Fraunhofer IIS / 16.12.2022

Vielfalt in der Digitalisierung / Diversity in digitalization

Audio and Media Technologies / 16.12.2022

Globo enables MPEG-H Audio on their free-to-air commercial channels in three major Brazilian states

Audio and Media Technologies / 7.12.2022

Football fans around the world experience the worldcup in immersive and personalized MPEG-H audio

Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT / 10.11.2022

How the new BM18 beamline is revolutionizing scientific imaging

Audio and Media Technologies / 10.11.2022

LC3plus certified for the Hi-Res Audio Wireless Logo

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  • © Fraunhofer / Piotr Banczerowski

    Whether streaming music and movies, watching TV or in the car: The MPEG-H Audio system makes it possible to fully immerse yourself in soundscapes and adjust them to your own preferences. Three researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS — representing a large team — are being awarded the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2023 for this development. The prize is awarded to employees of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for their outstanding scientific achievements in solving application-related problems.

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  • Dresden: On March 1, Professor Peter Schneider, who has been head of the Fraunhofer IIS Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS in Dresden since 2011, became Professor of Design Methodology for Adaptive Microelectronic Systems at the Institute of Electromechanical and Electronic Design (IFTE) of TU Dresden. His appointment will strengthen the reciprocal transfer of knowledge and technology between non-university research and teaching.

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  • Erlangen, Germany: The Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in collaboration with Intel provides high accuracy positioning for private 5G networks. Positioning is an essential driving force for new use cases in process automation, asset tracking and human-robot-collaboration across all industry verti-cals.

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  • Fraunhofer IIS, primary developer of the xHE-AAC and MPEG-H Audio codecs, and MainConcept, a leading provider of video and audio codecs, plugins, and applications to the production, streaming, and broadcast industries, are pleased to announce that MainConcept’s Live Encoder and FFmpeg Plugins now support Fraunhofer’s industry-leading MPEG-H Audio and xHE-AAC software encoders.

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  • Today, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, primary developer of the next generation, immersive and personalized MPEG-H Audio system, announced a strategic partnership with Avid® to support future MPEG-H Audio support in Pro Tools®. This tighter integration will enable producers to build much more compelling, personalized, and elaborate immersive sound experiences for their audiences.

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  • Steinberg and Fraunhofer IIS deliver native support of MPEG-H Audio in Nuendo updates to come / 2023

    MPEG-H Audio Available in Future Nuendo Updates

    April 13, 2023

    Today, Steinberg, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional audio software and hardware, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, primary developer of the MPEG-H Audio system, announced that upcoming Nuendo releases feature native support of MPEG-H Audio.

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  • Fraunhofer IIS, primary developer of the MPEG-H Audio system, and Ateme, a global leader of video compression and delivery solutions, announced today that they facilitate the delivery of personalized and immersive sound experiences with the integration of Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H Audio into Ateme's KYRION encoders.

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  • © Fraunhofer IIS

    AI, ML - these letters stand for a new era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and microelectronic systems that enhance many areas and applica-tions ̶ including embedded systems. At the embedded world 2023 in Nurem-berg, AI/ML experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS will showcase Edge AI developments from AI integration into hardware up to new ways of AI-centric hardware design from March, 14-16 in Hall 4-422.

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