We develop customer- and application-specific ICs (ASICs) as well as circuit blocks (IPs) that can be used in larger ASICs and SoCs. Our focus is on the integration of analog and digital components on one chip. Our expertise also includes system development, low-power design, analog and digital signal processing up to several gigahertz, wireline data transmission, as well as the development of analog-to-digital converters, the key components in modern measuring and control systems.

The use of ASICs in their products is often a significant distinguishing feature for our customers, as ASICs offer a number of benefits:

  • Miniaturization and reduction of the form factor
  • Reduction of the power consumption
  • Increase of the functional density and the processing performance
  • Frequent cost reduction in series production
  • Copy protection / protection of IP


Digital ASIC/SoC Design


RF and High-Speed IC Development


Complex Mixed-Signal System Development


Multi-Project-Wafer- and Small Volume Logistics

The virtual foundry offers MPW services with various manufacturers enabling low volume ASIC production.


More information on our Virtual ASIC Foundry