RFIC Development

We develop application-specific integrated RF-IPs and ASICs in the frequency range up to 30 GHz. These circuits are fabricated in cooperation with commercial semiconductor vendors, using state-of-the-art silicon CMOS down to 22 nm as well as SiGe BiCMOS technologies.
As an independent design house, we are free to choose the most suitable technology for each application from a technical and economic viewpoint. In addition, we provide a firm background in complex turnkey solutions ready for commercial production.


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Ultra-low-power Technology RFicient®

RFicient® is the solution for all wireless applications that are designed to provide an operating life of several years with a minimal amount of maintenance. The ultra-low-power receiver technology RFicient® continuously monitors a radio channel while providing a very low power consumption in the order of microwatts and reaction times in the range of milliseconds. This enables around-the-clock operation of wireless applications and increases their operating life significantly - up to ten years without battery replacement or even fully autonomous operation via energy harvesting.

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Application-specific RFICs

Professional, industrial applications frequently require custom solutions that can not be realized with commercially available integrated circuits. To address such issues, we focus on the development of RF ASICs and IPs with outstanding properties regarding application requirements. As technology independent circuit design provider with many years of experience, we develop professional solutions utilizing state-of-the-art design and laboratory equipment.


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