Application-specific RFICs

Broadband IQ Modulator for Rohde & Schwarz#


Due to the fact that test and measurement systems place extremely high demands on the technology that is used, off-the-shelf components are often not up to the task. For this reason, leading test and measurement provider Rohde & Schwarz called on Fraunhofer IIS to develop wideband IQ modulator ASICs that meet the company's special requirements with respect to frequency range, modulation bandwidth, linearity and noise characteristics.

High-Performance RF ASIC as Key Component for R&S SMU200A

This resulted in the development of an 8 GHz IQ modulator ASIC that has been successfully deployed in the R&S SMU200A high-end vector signal generator for many years. Together with Rohde & Schwarz, Fraunhofer IIS developed a successor ASIC based on state-of-the-art, low-cost SiGe technology, which features an extended frequency range of 200 MHz to 22 GHz.

Dual-channel Multi-GNSS Front-end ASIC for Satellite Based Position Systems#


The modernized global navigation satellite systems (GNSS like GPS III, Galileo, GLONASS CMDA, BeiDou Phase 3) will considerably improve navigation performance with their mostly wideband signals on different frequency bands. Moreover, multi-band reception is mandatory in order to fulfil the more and more challenging requirements in accuracy, availability, robustness, and integrity nowadays also in the mass-market and semi-professional GNSS receiver segments.


Dual-channel RF Front-end ASIC »PASCAL«

PASCAL ASIC is a dual-channel RF Front-end ASIC which supports all L-Band GNSS signals and is a design for low power consumption. Simultaneous and independent dual-band reception is possible together with configurable bandwidths and intermediate frequencies. Two Fractional-N Synthesizers with integrated VCOs support a wide range of LO frequencies