Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits

Applications involving sensors and drivers require analog and mixed-signal frontends. We design high-performance ASICs, including analog-to-digital converters, digital to analog converters and power management circuits, optimized for our customers' needs. We connect your sensors to the digital world.

We help our customers to choose the technology best suited to their needs: whether it is low-cost CMOS technologies or advanced, fast and energy-saving 22 nm FDSOI technology. As an independent design house with both analog and digital teams, we are free to choose the most suitable technology for each application from a technical and economic viewpoint.


IC-Design Services

Benefit from our 30 years of experience in the development of increasingly complex mixed-signal ASICs. As a technology- and manufacturer-independent IC design institution, we can offer you optimum solutions to drive, measurement and control techniques in a wide range of technologies down to 22 nm. Thanks to robust designs and a wide variety of integrated monitoring functions, we also achieve high levels of reliability. In addition, we are able to offer you suitable design methods for low-power and high-performance applications. As such, our analog front ends will incorporate your sensors to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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Analog and Mixed-Signal IC-Design

The basis for quick and effective integration of complex mixed-signal circuits is the availability of a portfolio of analog macros and a wide experience in analog and mixed-signal design in various technologies.
The Fraunhofer IIS has a broad range of signal amplifiers, filters, analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters at its disposal. Based on this know-how, it is possible to adapt the function to suit your special requirements.


Our services:

  • Design of ultra-low power analog components
  • Analog IPs: op amp, ADC, DAC, PLL, LDO
  • Design service for IP development, adaptation
  • New methods for IP generation and porting
  • Design of mixed-signal ASICs

Neuromorphic Hardware

Brain-inspired hardware for the implementation of deep neural networks or spiking neural networks in embedded devices are part of Fraunhofer IIS offer. Inference mixed-signal neuromorphic ASICs are in development in TEMPO and ADELIA projects in small technology nodes. European designs of efficient architectures in terms of energy consumption, latency and chip area are our goal. An overview of the neuromorphic hardware at Fraunhofer IIS is available here.    

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Industrial Electronics

Nowadays, factories have a high number of connected sensors that is even expected to increase. Thus, interfaces between sensors and actuators to the digital domain are necessary. Fraunhofer IIS is your ASIC design partner for industrial and automotive applications with a unique expertise in analog and mixed-signal design. We have a wide range of signal amplifiers, filters, drivers and analog-to-digital converters at your disposal. You will benefit for a reduced form factor, custom design, IP protection, low-power consumption, robust designs and reliability. As such, our solutions are ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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Current projects


ERDF - »Universal Sensor Platform«


The EU supports the research project USeP as part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The aim is developing a technology platform by 2019 with which even smaller providers can meet the growing development and manufacturing requirements.   

Fraunhofer IIS:

  • Development of High-Speed SAR Analog-Digital-Converter
  • Development of complex SoC with
    9 RISC-V processors

EU - »Ocean 12«

Ocean 12

  • Energy efficient sensors for autonomous driving and flying
  • Development of reverse and forward body biasing voltage generator for FD-SOI

EU - »Technology and Hardware for Neuromorphic Computing«


The aim is to develop process technology and hardware platforms based on emerging memory technologies for neuromorphic computing, addressing future applications in mobile devices that need complex machine-learning algorithms.


Fraunhofer IIS:

  • Development of neuromorphic hardware, based on FPGA and Mixed-Signal ASIC on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 28SLP

BMBF - »Energy efficient AI-system«


  • Participation in innovation competition
  • Solutions for energy efficient AI systems
  • Development of Analog Deep Learning Inference Accelerator
  • ASIC-22FDX®