Services of the Research Area

Fraunhofer IIS carries out research and development activities primarily to optimize and develop new products for our partners. Our extensive expertise and specialist know-how enables us to offer a broad range of services within the IC design and design automation research field. This service portfolio ranges from studies, design tools and the production of ASICs in small-volume batches to the realization of mixed-signal applications.


ASIC and IC Design

Our service portfolio comprises the development of mixed-signal ASICs, digital ICs and SoCs, RFICs, and ASICs and IPs for wireline data transmission.


Electronic Design Automation

Technical systems with microelectronic components are becoming ever more complex. What’s more, the fact that these many different components are packed into the smallest possible spaces is progressively giving rise to undesirable physical effects that increasingly pose enormous challenges to designers. This level of complexity can only be mastered if these developments are taken into account during the earliest possible design phases.


Integrated Sensor Systems

Tomorrow’s world requires intelligent sensor systems with signal processing, self-monitoring, and digital system interfaces. We develop complete solutions for smart sensor systems with integrated signal processing in CMOS technology.


Virtual ASIC Foundry

We offer services for the entire design flow, such as the production of ASIC prototypes, Tanner Tools design kits, the system design for analog and digital designs, and mixed-signal applications. In addition, we offer the option of ASIC production in very small unit quantities.


Intellectual Property (IP) Cores and Macros

Fraunhofer IIS offers hard and soft IP cores for analog and digital blocks in a variety of integrated technologies. One area that we have special expertise in is the fast and simple integration of IP blocks into your technology of choice.