Two Doctors with a Patient

5G Positioning for Patient Protection

In addition to the health of patients, their safety and protection are of paramount importance. Information about their whereabouts can be essential to provide rapid medical care in an emergency or to locate lost people before they are in danger.

5G-enabled devices could help ensure that patients in geriatric wards can be helped immediately if they need assistance inside or outside the facility, or if they leave an assisted area. It is thus possible to determine the position of a stray patient using 5G. Previously available solutions often have problems with the transition between indoor and outdoor areas, which is reflected, for example, in lost connections or insufficient accuracy.

In another case, if e.g. a mobile and 5G-capable Electronic Consumer Goods is connected to a patient, the location of the patient can be centrally released to medical staff when a health-critical condition occurs in order to provide immediate medical care to the patient.