Our activities are focused on contract research. We participate in publicly funded projects and carry out research and development tasks funded by industrial clients.

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Our Activities

Hardware and Embedded Systems

We develop hardware modules – from prototypes for testing to production series components – tailored to the needs of our customers. With compact designs and energy-efficient technologies, our hardware is highly suitable for mobile applications.

Interoperability and Standardization

We are active in numerous standards committees and participate in the development of current standardization processes.

Regulatory Affairs and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

In our Medical Technology Test and Application Center METEAN we combine the expertise in medical research with application expertise in the clinical and home care sector. METEAN offers services along the entire innovation cycle and gives opportunity to compare new development outcomes with medical, clinical and nursing requirements as well as the execution of the clinical evaluation itself.

The Medical Technology Test and Application Center of the Fraunhofer IIS is evaluating technical assistance systems and medical devices, internally developed as well as those already existing on the market. The equipment is tested under the requirements of the daily needs for safety, serviceability and compatibility according to recognized standards.

Software Development and Algorithms

We develop algorithms and software for analyzing medical images and a wide range of vital parameters. We utilize our image processing software for projects in the field of computer-assisted microscopy and diagnosis. In vital signs monitoring, our software covers areas such as movement analyses, sleep monitoring, respiration, pulsoximetric values and ECG. Apart from R&D projects, we also perform preliminary and feasibility studies.

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Image Processing and Medical Engineering

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