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ECG Module, MotionSENS, OxiSENS and RespiSENS – Developed by Fraunhofer Institute IIS

The sensor modules can be adopted to customer specific requirements (sampling rate, data format, communication protocol, interface) and provide small size and low power design. All modules are available with wireless interfaces and thus are suitable for mobile applications. Currently, the sensor modules are not certified as medical CE devices according to MDD or 93/42/EWG respectively.

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ECG Module

Fraunhofer IIS has designed a miniaturized sensor module for the acquisition of a three channel ECG. Algorithms for digital signal processing are implemented on-board and provide results in real-time. Using communication protocols and standardized communication technologies the module can easily be integrated into host systems. Primary data can be derived with generic adhesive AgCl electrodes as well as with innovative textile electrodes.


The “MotionSENS“ module tracks body movement at the chest of the user by a 3D-accelerometer. Gathered measurement data is analyzed on-board in real-time to determine the user´s posture, such as standing, bending, lying on the back or on a side. The sensor module could be attached to the user´s chest using a plaster or be integrated directly into a textile carrier, such as a shirt. Application areas are sleep analysis, assistance to the Elderly, sports medicine and vital parameter monitoring at the patient’s home.


The “RespiSENS“ module measures breathing activity caused by user´s chest movements. Generic breathing bands are connected to the sensor module to derive a modulated signal by wearers´ inspiration and expiration. “RespiSEN“S calculates breathing frequency and relative depth of breath. Due to a low power concept, small form factor, good artefact stability and a high comfort to the wearer, “RespiSENS“ is suitable for mobile and continuous monitoring of breathing activity. Application areas are sleep analysis, sports medicine and vital parameter monitoring at the patient´s home.


The “OxiSENS“ module is a pulse oximeter, that tracks the arterial pulse wave at the finger using two wave lengths. With this primary pulse wave signal (plethysmogramm) artierial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate are calculated. Oxygen saturation is an important vital parameter, that gives information on sufficient oxygen supply to all cells in the human body. “OxiSENS“ provides a wireless Bluetooth interface for mobile applications. Alternatively, the sensor module can be integrated with further sensor modules using connectors.

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