Image Processing and Medical Engineering

We offer customized services at the highest stage to our clients – from feasibility studies to the market entry.


Research Field Medical Engineering

The medical engineering research field offers solutions in the areas of medical image processing, computer-assisted diagnostic support, vital signs sensors, biosignal processing and medical communication.

In addition to research and development, we also carry out associated investigations and studies to evaluate medical engineering systems and solutions in conjunction with cooperating hospitals such as Erlangen University Hospital.

To reduce the time to market for our customers and to turn research results straight into medical products, the Department of Image Processing and Medical Engineering and its quality management system (QMS) work in accordance to ISO 13485 and are certified accordingly.

Medical Image Processing

The medical image processing area focuses on automated image analyses and diagnostic support for physicians.



Fraunhofer IIS enhances diagnostic endoscopy applications by developing systems and processes for recording and improving images, characterizing and classifying tissues and detecting suspicious lesions such as colon polyps.



As part of the business field of Medical Image Processing, the Fraunhofer IIS researches in the area of Computer Assisted Microscopy and develops components, systems and services for applications such as slide scanning and image analysis, tissue and cell characterization, digital pathology, in vitro diagnosis, light field and fluorescence microscopy and qualification and training.



Medical Communication and Sensory Technology


Medical Communication

One of the challenges of telemedicine is ensuring communication compatibility between medical equipment and applications through standard protocols. We offer customer-specific implementations for various platforms, in addition to testing support for existing installations.


Biosignal Processing

A further field of research is the reliable algorithmic evaluation of biosignals captured by medical sensor systems. Main focus is given to the best signal processing possible under everyday conditions (e. g. motion artifact suppression) as well as the calculation of so-called secondary parameters (e. g. heart rate variability from the ECG). We offer custom-implemented specific libraries for embedded systems, mobile devices and PC-based platforms.


Medical Sensor Technology

We develop miniaturized, intelligent sensors for capturing vital parameters in hospitals and out-patient clinics. One focus of our activities is mobile body area networks that rely on wireless communication technology.

Medical Technology Test and Application Center METEAN


Fraunhofer Project


At the Medical Technology Test and Application Center METEAN, we collaborate with hospitals such as the university hospital of Erlangen to carry out evaluations and studies, as well as to provide advice and...


References and Networks


Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster Personal Health, Region Erlangen, Nürnberg, Fürth

Our vision is to help prevent illness through remote patient monitoring. Together with our partners, we conduct research into new technologies and methods, develop joint solutions and evaluate their effectiveness in clinical studies and projects relating to health services research.


Fraunhofer Alliance Ambient Assisted Living AAL

In the Fraunhofer Alliance Ambient Assisted Living AAL, various Fraunhofer institutes work together to work up integrated “AAL“ and “Personal Health“ system solutions that address issues of comfort, safety and efficiency, work and living, health and social networking.

Clinical Studies and Health Services Research

At METEAN, our Medical Technology Test and Demonstration Center, we collaborate with hospitals such as the Erlangen University Hospital to offer clinical studies and field trials for evaluating medical technology systems and solutions.


Published Studies

Evaluation of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of Wireless LAN with patient-monitoring devices used in intensive care

(Measuring EMC for the use of WLAN and other technologies in intensive care)

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Image Processing and Medical Engineering

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