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Image Analysis for Precision Medicine

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Our focus is on solutions for microscopy and digital pathology as well as endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery.

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Our key activities are the development of microscopy and scanning systems combined with automatic image analysis of cells and tissues as well as the support of medical diagnosis in laboratory and clinic.


One focus of our work is contract research. We participate in publicly funded projects and provide services to customers in the field of research and development.



Whole Slide Imaging for Microscopes: iStix®

The “iStix®“ technology of the Fraunhofer Institute IIS is a cost-effective alternative to digital scanners. This is made possible by a combination of microscope, camera and image processing software.


Fluorescence Microscopy – Automatic Analysis of Fluorescence-based Assays: CaeT2


Haptic-visual Learning System for Surgical Operations: HaptiVisT

With the interactive “HaptiVisT“ training system, we support the training of surgeons for cochlear implantation. For this purpose, real CT data are segmented by the inner and middle ear (“CI Wizard“) and the structures depicted therein are used for the “HaptiVisT“ system.


Modular Scanning Solution for Microscopy: SCube®

The “SCube®“ scanning system was introduced at the trade fair analytica 2016. “SCube®“ is the solution for digitizing and analyzing biological samples in light field and fluorescence microscopy. Simple integration of the “SCube®“ system into your applications is easily possible.


Automatic, Real-time Polyp Detection during Colonoscopic Cancer Screening

The “KoloPol“ software automatically detects and visualizes hypothesis of polyps, making screening for colorectal cancer more efficient and effective.

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