We develop algorithms and software for analyzing medical images and a wide range of vital parameters. We utilize our image processing software i.a. in the areas of digital pathology and computer-assisted microscopy.

Complete and Rapid Digitization of Specimen Slides in High Resolution

Slide Scanning Service

Slide scanners and microscopy systems represent high-end investments that we rely on to carry out our daily research activities. These valuable assets, as well as our expertise in image analysis and microscopy, are now available to you.

Our Offer

  • Professional consulting for optimal results
  • High-quality digitized slides
  • Distribution via USB storage media
  • Download option for faster access
  • Scientific and technical support in automated image data analysis

Your Benefits

  • Secure digital archiving
  • Long-term preservation in high quality
  • Easy distribution
  • 24/7 pathology analyses
  • Digital annotation of relevant areas

Whole Slide Scanning

The advent of “Whole Slide Scanning“ permits the rapid and complete digitization of specimen slides in high resolution, making it possible to permanently archive digital pathology results without slide fading, bleaching or loss of quality. Digitization provides pathologists and researchers a fast and cost-effective way to analyze and assess identical data without having to send a slide duplicate via conventional means.


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