Measurement System for Respiratory Frequency and Effort Integrated Directly in Clothes

Monitoring of respiration is important in many areas. Important applications in the medical field include neonatal and premature care, sleep diagnostics and patient “tele/ home care“. Another application area is sports. Recreational and elite athletes alike can gain information about their respiratory frequency and effort.

Our Solution: RespiSHIRT®

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS have integrated a measurement system directly into T-shirts and baby rompers. The electronics for signal analysis, also developed at Fraunhofer IIS, are housed in a unit smaller than a business card holder. It is inserted into a small pocket on the side of the “RespiSHIRT®“ and is connected to the shirt. All that is required for the system to function correctly is the wearing of a “RespiSHIRT®“ equipped with it.

Through the electronics, data is transmitted by radio to a Smartphone or a PDA, where it is then analyzed. This development has produced a stable system that makes reliable measurements without false alarms being triggered by jogging or other activities. Because no additional sensors or measuring devices are needed, the “RespiSHIRT®“ is comfortable and can be worn for all daily activities.

“RespiSHIRT®“ is not yet CE-certified, as the compliance with requirements of the German Medical Product Law (MPG) and the European Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD) has not been proofed yet. It cannot be obtained before the conformity with the MPG and the MDD has been declared (CE mark).

The Fraunhofer IIS is presenting “RespiSHIRT®“ with the objective of gaining partners for further development, production and marketing.

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