HDR - High Dynamic Range

HDR for Moving Pictures

In order to optimize the recording technique under such difficult conditions, engineers in the Moving Picture department are introducing a prototype of a camera array for using HDR in professional moving picture technology. HDR, which stands for high dynamic range, involves increasing the camera's contrast range between the lightest and darkest pixel. Each camera in the array uses a different exposure setting to capture a separate image within the recording. In a subsequent processing step, the individual pictures are then automatically merged into a single HDR image that boasts a high dynamic spectrum. Doing away with multiple exposure sequences prevents double images from occurring for instance. For HDR, the researchers rely on a camera array comprised of multiple cameras equipped with various grey filters. A powerful algorithm allows incorporation of the individual pictures into a single HDR image. In situations where a single standard camera is not capable of capturing the entire contrast of the scene, this approach offers a clever solution and the optimal foundation for a quality recording.