Spatial-AV – The Future of Movie Production

© Fraunhofer IIS/Kurt Fuchs
Light-field recording system

The goal of this project is to automate 3D production workflows, making it easy to repeatedly use and work with data and information in a flexible manner after it has been captured. The goal is to develop an intelligent, modular, multi-sensory recording and production system for immersive audiovisual media.

This helps minimize the cost pressures associated with elaborate productions. Intelligent and networked cameras, camera and microphone arrays and additional sensors for position, direction of movement or depth deliver information that enables the system to automatically correct various recording parameters. Other post-production supplementary data make a wide range of production and playback scenarios feasible. Visualization data and audio data optimized for 2D, 3D, free viewpoint or rumdum videos can be derived from the recording data. The recording and production systems can be used for conventional movie and television playback, as well as for 3D screens, autostereoscopic displays or panorama and dome cinema.

Participating Fraunhofer institutes include IIS, HHI, IDMT and FOKUS.

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