Environmental platform Ensiro®

Ensiro – Wireless sensors for environmental stations

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In the Ensiro® project, the Wireless Sensor Applications Center of the Fraunhofer IIS in Coburg, together with industry partners, is developing demonstrators and applications in the field of environmental sensors. In doing so, various application scenarios are addressed in which environmental data is important, e.g. fine dust and air pollutants, indoor climate in offices and production facilities or personal weather information. Furthermore, the goal is to create a system that is modular at hardware and software level, with the help of which different environmental measurement values can be collected and easily integrated into an IoT platform, so that they can be made available individually for each target group. For this purpose, state-of-the-art technologies such as Cloud and Edge Computing as well as energy and range-optimized radio technologies are used.

EnsiroAmbit: Energy-efficient networking of environmental sensors with MIOTY

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The EniroAmbit environmental station enables the reliable determination of indoor and outdoor air quality and light intensity.

Thanks to a large number of sensors, the EniroAmbit stationary environmental station enables the reliable determination of indoor and outdoor air quality and light intensity. It ensures continuous and long-term data collection, so that accurate statistics can be generated and extensive evaluations can be made. Data retrieval is possible via the mobile Ensiro app as well as via a web application. From the collected sensor values, which are collected by means of application-specific wireless sensor networks, heuristics are first derived which determine the data quality of the measurement and subsequently improve it. Subsequently, correlations within the data set as well as in connection with data from other sources are determined for a targeted use in practice.



  • UV index
  • VOC
  • CO2
  • Temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Humidity
  • Light intensity
Ambit Industry
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The Sensorbox EnsiroAmbit can be equipped with a variety of sensors.

Application fields:

For example, the EnsiroAmbit can be used in production environments, warehouses, meeting rooms or greenhouses to ensure the long-lasting and reliable monitoring of a wide range of environmental parameters with the required accuracy. By using wireless, intelligent and energy-efficient transmission technologies, a large number of sensor stations can be connected to a network. On the basis of this data, for example, ergonomics at the workplace can be improved, room cleaning can be controlled according to demand, quality losses due to humidity can be reduced and optimized energy management in production can be realized.



  • Modular interchangeable sensors
  • Modular interchangeable housing cover
  • Long range thanks to MIOTY radio technology
  • Long life of the devices through energy saving design
  • USB interface for power supply via battery or, for example, solar module for Energy Harvesting
  • Use of the Fraunhofer heuristics for collecting and improving data quality in stationary environmental sensor networks
  • Use of the Ensiro data storage and analysis platform


EnsiroGo: Mobile environmental boxes and sensor platforms for innovative environmental monitoring solutions

Ensiro Go
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With the mobile environmental box EnsiroGo information about the current environmental conditions can be called up at any time.

With the EnsiroGo mobile environmental box, you can become part of an innovative joint project and make an important scientific contribution to better weather forecasts, climate research and urban planning.



  • Air temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Humidity
  • UV index

EnsiroGo sends the data via Bluetooth Smart to the smartphone, from where it is transferred anonymously to the Ensiro platform. The EnsiroGo app lets you view the collected data or retrieve it from the web. The application also makes it possible to view the measurements of other EnsiroGo users made available on the network. Everyone can contribute to the development of a database with comprehensive environmental data.



  • Reliable measurement of various environmental parameters
  • Free EnsiroGo app
  • Fully anonymised use of the Ensiro platform
  • Various attachment options, e.g. on a backpack, on a bicycle or on a keychain
  • Long battery life of EnsiroGo with Bluetooth Smart