Test and Application Center L.I.N.K.

Test and Application Center L.I.N.K.

Test and Application Center L.I.N.K.

Positioning – identification – navigation – communication

Through the Test and Application Center L.I.N.K. at its Nürnberg location, Fraunhofer IIS provides an environment for developing, demonstrating and evaluating pioneering technologies and applications in the fields of positioning, identification, navigation and communication.

A unique blend of practical experience and research

In addition to a one-of-a-kind testing infrastructure, we offer our customers and partners the scientific expertise and practical experience of our engineers, computer scientists and management experts. To determine the best system for your specific application, we offer you a comprehensive technology appraisal – evaluating the appropriate technology, using it as the basis for services and processes and then rolling these out at your company. Through all this, the Test and Application Center L.I.N.K. is your gateway to a unique testing environment: Under realistic conditions, you can test and evaluate cyber-physical systems, technology-based processes, Industrie 4.0 applications and much more, all without having to interfere with your own existing processes.


Virtual tour

Soon you will be able to take a virtual tour of the Test and Application Center L.I.N.K.

A detailed look at the testing environment

To determine the technological approach that’s right for your company, the Test and Application Center L.I.N.K. offers a 1400 m² interior and 10,000 m² of space outside – including a 100 m test run – and has the following equipment:

Technical equipment  
  • surrounding gallery for the attachment of wireless systems
  • power sockets that can be turned off individually
  • complete IT infrastructure
  • positioning systems (2D / 3D)
  • reference measuring systems (milimeter precision)
  • reference measurment markings on the hall floor (centimeter precision)
  • processing unit for RFID bulk measurments
  • Fraunhofer GALILEOLAB
  • moveable walls for absorbing radio signals
  • wireless sytems installed for frequencies of 868 MHz and 1.9–5.8 GHz
  • technologies for the wirless transmission of sensor data
  • spectrum monitoring
Application-specific equipment  
  • flow racks
  • driverless transport system
  • pallet trucks
  • loading ramps
  • moveable shelving
  • installations for sport applications