Digital Systems and Data Processing

Digital ASIC and SoC development

When developing digital ASICs and SoCs, we combine complex digital functions with highly specialized analog components. This results in extremely effective systems on one or more chips. Our range of services include all the steps – from specification to layout and turnkey solutions.

Customized ICs from a single source

Together with our customers, we also fulfill out of the ordinary requests for industrial, automotive, telecommunications and multimedia applications. We can also involve experts from audio and video signal processing and high-frequency and communications technology on a flexible basis.

We help our customers to choose the technology best suited to their needs: whether it is low-cost CMOS technologies in 350 nm and 180 nm or advanced, fast and energy-saving 22 nm FDSOI technology. As an independent design house, we have the freedom of choice. We also facilitate cost-effective manufacturing of prototypes – in small-volume batches as well as in volume production.

Project Examples

NAPA – satellite navigation

  • Multistandard: GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS and others
  • 65-nm SoC
  • Two parallel channels for robust reception quality

ATHENIS3D – automotive design for high-temperature applications

  • Proof-of-concept for SoC use at very high temperatures
  • 28-nm SoC
  • Fully functional over 200°C
  • 2.5D integration on interposers
  • 32-bit MIPS microAptivTM CPU, FPU and DSP

J2K – JPEG2000 hardware encoder

  • Real-time coding for professional video systems
  • 90-nm SoC
  • 32-bit MIPS interAptivTM CPU and FPU
  • Multi-threading
  • Custom instructions
  • High performance




SoC & ASIC-Design