PolyCT - conversion kit for industrial computed tomography

With the PolyCT conversion kit for industrial computed tomography, the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology (EZRT) and XRAY-LAB enable a reduction of measurement time by up to a factor of three – even for complex inspection tasks such as the analysis of highly absorbent objects.


The special feature of PolyCT: it is compatible with all CT systems commonly available on the market. This means that users remain flexible because the conversion kit can be used with various systems. It can be commissioned quickly and easily in just a few steps.

The PolyCT conversion kit is equipped with laser alignment, providing users with support for installation and alignment so that they do not have to interact with the system software or mechanics. Either a magnet or a suction cup mechanism is used to attach the device. PolyCT is either clamped directly into an existing CT chuck or a centering adapter device is used to attach it to a flat rotary plate. The objects to be tested are then fastened into the universally adaptable specimen holders.  

By using individual centers of rotation, the PolyCT kit optimizes its use of the area of the X-ray detector. This way, fewer angle increments are required in comparison with standard measurement procedures. With one-third of the detector, a regular scan can be carried out with up to two-thirds fewer images, which has a positive effect on the measurement period. Alternatively, if the amount of angles remains the same, image quality improves. Its simple operation and precise mechanics make the kit easy to use in every laboratory.

Fraunhofer reconstruction software is used to process the measurement data. This means that users do not need to interact with existing system architecture. The recorded CT data are processed into volume data on a separate computer system. To do this, the software has an interface for the system data format, so the application does not require any user interaction. This step is either carried out automatically by a folder monitoring function or by manually selecting the PolyCT scan data. The volume data can be imported directly into all commonly used visualization tools.

There is a wide variety of applications for the PolyCT kit. Because it saves so much time, it is particularly suitable for use with objects that are difficult to transilluminate. It is used in nondestructive testing as well as in many other different areas. As far as system precision allows, the measuring device add-on is also suitable for use with 3-D measurement technology. The standard PolyCT version is appropriate for CT measurements with voxel sizes down to 30 μm and it has three rotation centers, each with a testing diameter of approximately 5 cm.

  • Increased throughput with simultaneous measurement operation
  • Reduced measuring time – even for objects that are difficult to transilluminate
  • Efficiency control for existing CT systems
  • More efficient use of expensive system hardware
  • Compatible with all commonly used CT systems
  • No interaction with control software or mechanics necessary
  • Easy installation due to integrated alignment assistance and locking mechanism
  • Suitable for tasks in nondestructive testing and measurement technology
  • Centering adapter for flat rotary plates
  • Optimum specimen fastening for extensive scans
  • Especially suitable for very long specimens, or those with long transillumination periods or high density
  • Direct application in systems with integrated chucks for holding specimens
  • Automatic, separate reconstruction of individual data sets during the collection of measurement data
  • Reconstruction data format is universally readable (direct import into common visualization tools possible)