»ReNew«: Reuse and recycling of wood waste

The pressure on wood as a resource is increasing. The substitution of fresh wood with waste wood is therefore highly relevant both economically and ecologically. However, for legal and technical reasons, only smal fraction of the wast wood can be recyceled. Constantly changing framework conditions, for example prices for oil and wood due to strong market movements, make it difficult to plan investments in plants and systems for waste wood recycling. However, there is strong political support for the cascading use of waste wood.

The »ReNew« project contributes to the cascading use of waste wood by improving the technical processes and economic efficiency of waste wood processing and making it more calculable for the companies involved. In particular, higher-value products are developed from waste wood, waste wood components that could not previously be used as materials are used for innovative products and the data generated during the necessary sorting is used for process analysis.

We have been developing X-ray technology for sensor-based sorting for more than 10 years. We research questions from industry and science and deliver holistic solutions from sensor development and image processing to prototype construction. The development of multi-energy X-ray evaluation in the areas of recycling, food safety and mining is being accelerated.

3D-CT-Aufnahme einer Holzprobe
© Fraunhofer IIS
3D computed tomography image of a wood sample

Project goals

  • Sensor technology for detecting various waste wood components
  • Production processes suitable for waste wood
  • Adaptation of existing sorting techniques
  • Semantic model of the process chain for waste wood recycling
  • Digital product passports for waste wood and for products made from waste wood
  • Evaluated economic efficiency and acceptance of the developed processes and wood-based materials
  • Sustainably promising business model options for players along the value chain
  • Strengthened networking in the waste wood innovation ecosystem through data-based platform concepts
© Adam Sadlak - stock.adobe.com
Building materials with wood content

Project details

Project: Improvement of the technical processes and economic efficiency of waste wood cascade utilization by means of sensor-based sorting.

Duration: 1.5.2024 - 31.10.2027

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