Biogenic value creation and smart farming

Innovative technologies for sustainable agriculture across the entire value chain are being researched and developed.



Removal of fire-causing hazardous substances from the manufacturing process as early as possible.



K3I-Cycling is concerned with significantly improving the recycling of post-consumer plastic packaging waste in terms of both quantity and quality.



This project is developing a practical 5G application for fruit growing. At the heart of the project is the creation of a »digital twin« of sweet cherry trees.


Ecological weeding

With the EU-wide ban on plant protection products, agriculture needs alternatives to pesticides in order to still guarantee high yields in the future. 



Reuse and recycling of wood waste.


Flexibles mobiles CT-System

Microvista's project objective is the step-by-step development and implementation of a flexible and mobile CT system.


Cast Control

The aim of the project is to identify the causes of rejects and eliminate them at an early stage by combining data from the casting process of light alloy wheels and the results of X-ray inspection.



Strengthening interregional networks to optimize production efficiency through the use of sensor technology and process monitoring.



An AI-based framework for the visualization and analysis of massive amounts of 4D tomography data for end users of beamlines.


Inline CT system for large components

A state-of-the-art inline CT system that has unique features and enables the monitoring of many new component classes.



Optimization of casting processes for sustainable development of this industry.



A system for evaluating and sorting printed circuit boards (PCBs) using dual energy X-ray technology.


High-temperature NMR

The aim of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility of NMR measurements up to 300 °C and thus provide industry and SMEs in particular with improved quality control and thus a competitive advantage.


Verification and legibility of 3D fonts

The VeRe (Verification and Readbility) software developed by Fraunhofer IIS is a prototype software for the inspection of 3D lettering.