ODC - Optical Device Counter

As part of this project, researchers are developing the world’s first contactless component counter that can determine the number of surface-mounted devices (SMDs) in containers. The accuracy of the counter is greater than 99 percent. Thanks to various advantages such as a small footprint, extra-fast scanning and simple operation, users can significantly reduce their personnel costs and logistics expense. The system is a joint development by the German electronic engineering and manufacturing service provider elektron Systeme und Komponenten and Fraunhofer EZRT.

Role of EZRT

On behalf of the company Optical Control, we developed key components for its system for the fully automated counting of SMD components in containers. The system builds on the advantages of an XEye X-ray line camera specially developed for this application. By virtue of its outstanding, unwavering image quality, it fulfills the basic requirement for the precise scanning of the frequently very small components. With a range of application-specific image processing algorithms for component counting, we provide the core elements of the software for the system.