Flexibles mobiles CT-System

Microvista's project objective is the step-by-step development and implementation of a flexible and mobile CT system that can be easily and quickly integrated into the production line as a service:

  • Flexible and mobile CT system for a wide range of applications
  • Process-reliable defect detection from 200µm
  • Throughput comparable to existing inline solutions on the market
  • High degree of automation
  • Flexible software pipeline for measurement data acquisition and reconstruction
  • Short set-up time with easy handling
  • Self-sufficient system

Service of the future and cost reduction

System as a Service (SaaS) applications and cloud services are changing today's information technology and our everyday lives. How will this type of service change the future of non-destructive testing? Microvista, a service specialist in the field of industrial CT applications, is taking up this challenge: Project goal »Rentable mobile CT system«:

  • Manageable costs and no need for NDT expert knowledge thanks to automatic evaluation
  • Low logistical effort - make NDT part of your production line
  • Easy to use - You can get started with just one plug and a simple system calibration.
  • Fast intervention and high availability
  • Direct remote support for teaching in new parts
  • Enables new billing models (pay per use or fixed monthly price)

Hardware and software from a single source

The two X-ray tube system designed for a 40-foot sea freight container with a special manipulator and handling system enables the measurement of various components: Whether high-resolution (fiber composites / electronic components / battery modules), components with an unfavorable aspect ratio (add-on parts, car body segments) or large-volume components (stators, short-circuit rings) - and this in the cycle of their production!

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Design and components of the flexible mobile CT system.

The software pipeline, from data acquisition to reporting the results, was implemented with a focus on SaaS. Only the data acquisition software and the computer required for this need to be on site at the system. Reconstruction and analysis software, the necessary IT infrastructure and the entire management software can be located on a local network or in a cloud network provided by Microvista.

The »Mobile flexible CT system« project was processed using agile project management and divided into sub-projects / phases. Microvista was informed about the status at all times and was able to actively intervene in the project and make adjustments. In this way, we not only realize a market-independent and transparent solution for, but also with our customers, tailored to their problems, especially in terms of costs and performance!

The first two phases examined whether and possibly how the client's requirements for a mobile CT system can be met with systems and/or components currently available on the market. The following work packages were derived and processed:

  • Workshops with the aim of improving mutual understanding of the workflow and the task. Determination of reference components.
  • Market research / overview of systems and components with the aim of finding suitable components or an existing system basis for »mobile CT«.
  • Measurements on reference components at the EZRT with the aim of establishing a comparison and demonstrating potential for improvement compared to the current status at Microvista
  • Mechanical engineering concept and visualization of the edge bindings with the aim of determining maximum exposure geometries with a sensible beam direction, taking into account real conditions, as well as creating a concept to be able to start the implementation process with possible suppliers.