ValuCT - One-klick computed tomography system

In addition to numerous advanced features and options, modern single-lens reflex cameras also have an automatic mode that allows complete beginners to take technically high-quality photos. VJ Technologies and the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology EZRT are pursuing a similar goal with the low-priced ValuCT one-click computed tomography system. The system allows users to take 2D X-rays and create reconstructed CT volume data records at the push of a button – without any prior expertise. This saves organizations money on staff training and operation. The prototype for the system was built by Fraunhofer in Fürth in close cooperation with VJ Technologies. A production model is now being marketed internationally. ValuCT is priced in the range of an economy 2D X-ray system.

One-click – Full range of functions despite simple operation

Getting the optimum results from an X-ray image is a science in itself; there are a lot of factors to consider and all kinds of settings to configure. The one-click CT system handles practically all of this for the user: its innovative user interface offers users a selection of preset programs without bombarding them with irrelevant options. As a result, the system creates images with parameters that are optimally adapted to the object being inspected and reconstructs a 3D model out of hundreds of individual pictures.

The maintenance-free components in ValuCT are all manufactured by VJ Technologies and are therefore ideally coordinated with one another: with a voltage of 160 kV, the X-ray tube works in concert with the detector, which has a resolution of 190 micrometers. The device can inspect objects with a maximum diameter of 17 centimeters and a maximum height of 50 centimeters.

Numerous application possibilities

The system is suitable for all potential applications of modern X-ray technology, from reverse engineering to precise fault localization to measurement equipment. SMEs in the manufacturing industry stand to benefit the most from ValuCT. The system lends itself particularly well to the inspection of components that can be easily irradiated, such as the CFRP and aluminum parts commonly used in automotive manufacturing.