Discover technology with the InnoHikes app – Take on exciting AI challenges at Fraunhofer IIS and throughout the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

October 28, 2022 | Discover the InnoHikes app and Fraunhofer IIS challenges

The InnoHikes app is a project of the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg. Its goal is to raise the profile of those who are driving innovation in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. The app’s various quizzes and challenges introduce users to pioneering technologies and the companies behind them, so users can experience the region from its most innovative side. Read the article to learn more about the background of InnoHikes and get a taste of what Fraunhofer IIS has in store for you there.

Following digital clues to navigate reality

Like the Innovationskunst (“Innovation Art”) initiative, the InnoHikes app aims to make the innovative power of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region more visible. Users can marvel at current technological highlights on an app-guided scavenger hunt and get to know the people and companies behind them. The idea is not to convey the region’s wealth of ideas in a one-dimensional way, but to allow users to experience it with all their senses. To this end, the app is designed as an augmented reality application. Augmented reality means something like “expanded” or “enriched” reality and involves integrating digital elements into the real world. The digital app guides users to various physical locations where exciting challenges await and visitors can earn points. There is also a whole range of tasks and quizzes that can be solved from home – for rainy days or couch potatoes. 

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Fraunhofer IIS has issued a challenge – will you accept?

Fraunhofer IIS has several challenges in store for participants, here a two examples of what you can discover: 

  • In the Fraunhofer IIS AI showroom in the Augustinerhof, everything revolves around – what else? – the hot topic of artificial intelligence. Here, your virtual guide Ada Lovelace takes you through the showroom, where modern demonstrators illustrate how AI is already being applied today. 
  • In the challenge at the ADA Lovelace Center for Analytics, Data and Applications, you’ll learn even more about AI, such as how algorithms work and how to train them. You can then test your knowledge in a quiz.

But the app includes more than just these three tasks. In total, there are 21,800 square kilometers to explore, more than 90 quizzes to play and 20 badges to collect. And at the end, players can take part in a raffle to win great prizes. The app also offers anyone who is interested (especially high-schoolers and university students and graduates) the opportunity to make valuable contacts for their future careers and to apply directly for open positions. Want to find out more? The app is available for download at:

Enjoy your journey of discovery!


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