The NAMM Show is the place where professionals from the music, sound and live event industries gather to see the latest product launches. Join us in Anaheim, California where Fraunhofer will present the latest developments around MPEG-H Audio, the industry’s most advanced immersive and interactive sound system. Listen to immersive sound on the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar and Amazon Echo Studio. MPEG-H Audio is the basis of the 360 Reality Audio format now distributed by Tidal, Amazon Music Unlimited, and other DSPs. We look forward to meeting you and sharing how our innovations benefit the music industry. 

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MPEG-H Apps for Mobile Devices

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We will demonstrate our new iPad and iPhone app that offers binaural rendering to AirPod Max headphones and performs an automatic HRTF adjustment for your hearing. Another demo features the iPad app mH-ii from Media Hyperium with interactive music using tracks from this year’s Grammy-winning album by Stewart Copeland. You will be able to make your own mix (within authored creative limits) or select from several preset mixes.

At the Grammys with MPEG-H Audio

Tools for Music Production

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The Fraunhofer 3D reverb, a new type of reverb that actually works with audio objects in a 3D space, has now been commercialized as Spacelab by our partner Fiedler Audio. Hear how it can simulate distance, wall reflections, and more as you pan in 3D and then output MPEG-H ADM format for encoding.

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We will also have our Fraunhofer Authoring Suite tools and Spatial Audio Designer from New Audio Technology on hand to show other MPEG-H ADM production workflows.

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Another Fraunhofer codec, xHE-AAC, will be part of an updated version of the Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec plug-in from Sonnox. xHE-AAC is the latest generation of the AAC codec family, offering mandatory loudness normalization, seamless adaptive bitrate switching over a 12-500 kb/s range, and improved speech quality at low bitrates. It’s the new choice of Netflix and other major providers for content delivery.