Conference  /  March 15, 2023

Conference on Optimization and Machine Learning in Industry

Science meets industry

The Ada Lovelace Center for Analytics, Data and Application will host the "Conference on Optimization and Machine Learning in Industry" together with Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg in the city center of Nuremberg.

The goal of the event is to discuss current research questions in the fields of optimization and machine learning, to demonstrate possible applications of artificial intelligence in practice, and to encourage the exchange between science and practice.

The conference is the final event of the "Workshop on Optimization and Machine Learning", where the international research partner network of the ADA Lovelace Center (Zuse Institute Berlin, Machine Learning Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project in Tokyo) meets to exchange ideas on topics like Discrete Optimization and Machine Learning. The results of the workshop will be presented and discussed in the planned panel discussion at the conference.