Retrofitting outdated X-ray systems

Retrofit service transforms obsolete X-ray equipment into high-performance CT or DR systems

With our retrofit service for industrial X-ray systems, existing but outdated X-ray equipment is transformed into high-performance computed tomography (CT) or digital radioscopy (DR) systems for industrial applications. In many companies, research institutions, and museums, existing systems are retired because they are no longer deemed suitable for use, or have faulty components. However, in many cases a few simple steps are all that is needed to give an existing system a new lease of life. The VOLEX retrofit package provides a robust, long-term solution for such cases that is unrivaled on the market.

At the heart of the solution is the VOLEX measurement data collection and reconstruction software, which has been continually refined over a number of years and supports a broad range of hardware components. Most individual components are often still in good working order and fit for use. As well as the frequently expensive radiation protection cabin, the manipulation system can also usually remain in use with only minor adjustments. However, for measurements in line with current state-of-the-art quality levels, it is often advisable to replace the detector, and in some cases the X-ray source.