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Take any great hardware device to the next level by giving it the epic audio experience your customers deserve. The upHear product family enhances the sound quality of any content from voice signals to immersive audio masterpieces. On the way into and out of the device, our technologies provide pristine audio pickup as well as faithful reproduction – from classic stereo setups up to complex scenarios with multiple devices.
Regardless of whether streaming music, watching videos, or making calls, Fraunhofer upHear is designed to seamlessly adapt to varying acoustic conditions, however challenging they may be – giving even the most critical ears the best audio experience possible.

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Flexible Rendering

Typical households own more than one smart device – learn how upHear Flexible Rendering helps unleash the immersive power of any speaker combination.

AI Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence is the key to our future – including communication. upHear AI Based Noise Reduction gives devices a smart edge over the competition.

3D Audio

upHear-enabled devices master every dimension of sound – with upHear Spatial Audio Microphone Processing for recording and upHear Virtualizer for playback.

Voice Enhancement

Countless devices rely on upHear Voice Quality Enhancement to pick up only the desired voice. Now, users can easily teach it to focus on a specific person talking.

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Smart Speakers and Sound Bars

Smart devices are on the rise – not least because of their multitude of uses, like listening to music, watching movies, having VoIP calls or video conferences as well as communicating with smart home control. Each of these applications poses special challenges for the device: users want to enjoy content in all its fullness, no matter where the speaker is placed – in the living room or on the kitchen counter.
That goes especially for reproducing home theater style enveloping sound without going to the lengths of putting up countless speakers on the walls. Of course, at the same time voice commands should be recognized immediately, no matter how far away the user is or whether music is playing in the background. For all these use cases, upHear has got your back: The upHear Virtualizer provides optimal spatial sound while upHear Flexible Rendering widens the acoustic space even more by connecting multiple devices. And upHear Voice Quality Enhancement ensures crystal clear voice signals at the same time.


Capture the moment in all its glory – whether it’s live during a live call or while recording content for social media. upHear-enabled devices pick up exactly what the user chooses. Want to remove all back-ground sound? No problem! Want to keep some of the nice music that’s playing in the restaurant for an authentic atmosphere? Want to not only keep some of the atmosphere but capture it in all its spatial dimensions?
upHear has got you covered there, as well. upHear Microphone Processing offers a variety of technological solutions for each device type and each use case, including traditional engineering as well as top-notch artificial intelligence approaches.

Smart Phones

Smart phones are the pinnacle of modern personal entertainment while also providing the means to create content on the fly. In both applications, sound plays a vital role, constituting half of the overall media experience.
Despite their small size and tiny components, smartphones are now used as both full-fledged media production machines as well as for communication. Depending on the use case, users expect a comprehensive sound experience that captures acoustic scenes as realistically as possible, while putting an emphasis on crystal-clear voices for optimal speech intelligibility. upHear Microphone Processing covers all those recording and communication aspects with highly specialized components that employ classical engineering as well as top-notch AI algorithms.

VoIP Devices

Communication technology is the backbone of modern-day work life. Every measure is taken to raise intelligibility, to even out various volumes, or suppress noise is a contribution to workers’ efficiency and wellbeing.
upHear-enabled VoIP-devices do all that and more: they put the users right where they need to be – in the center of the conversation, blurring the lines between in-person meetings and video conferencing over thousands of miles. The advanced upHear Microphone Processing gets the most out of the microphones built into devices, delivering clear speech at well balanced levels.
With upHear, traffic noises, echoes, ACs and even the voices of other people in the background can’t disturb the clarity needed for a relaxing business conversation anymore.

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upHear Microphone Processing

From classic to state-of-the art AI-based noise reduction algorithms or breathtaking spatial recordings – upHear Microphone Processing ensures the clearest audio possible.


upHear Loudspeaker Processing

Dive into the details how upHear technologies deliver unforgettable sonic experiences by improving playback on a number of devices – playing solo or together.


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