Diveemo is the technical platform for small-scale video transmissions via Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM). It enables efficient large-area coverage with distance-learning and news offerings. The development of Diveemo was jointly initiated by Fraunhofer IIS, Ampegon and Chengdu NewStar Electronics, with support from BBC World Service.

The innovation of Diveemo paves the way for a cost-efficient and smooth integration of video content into broadcasters’ usual DRM radio transmissions. By supporting even the short- and medium-wave bands, it facilitates very large coverage areas with a single transmitter. Diveemo can therefore reach millions of people easily with just one DRM transmitter.

Diveemo is currently being standardized within the DRM Consortium. Following the completion of this work it will be published as a global technical standard within the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).


Key benefits at a glance:


For users For broadcasters and device manufacturers

- Impressive information provision through moving picture

- Free-of-charge reception

- Small-bandwidth optimizations, enabling consistent audio and video quality even under adverse reception conditions

- Simultaneous provision of multiple audio tracks, enabling new programming features such as multi-lingual services

- Multi-lingual subtitling feature and accompanying ‘teletext’ service for on-demand information look-up through Journaline

- Transmission infrastructure independent of gatekeepers and third-party providers

- Cost-efficient and hassle-free integration

- Diveemo receivers feature all the benefits of the DRM Digital Radio Radio standard, such as convenient service selection by Unicode-compatible station labels and EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) alternative frequency signalling and switching, as well as automatic re-tuning in case of emergencies and catastrophes (DRM EWF – Emergency Warning Functionality)


Diveemo is particularly beneficial for educational and informational service providers, helping them to deliver a greater understanding of often complex and extensive content with the assistance of accompanying moving pictures.