Image Coding and Data Compression

JPEG 2000 Data Compression

In the digital age, shooting a cinema movie produces several terabytes of data. Making a rough estimate the shooting of single scenes takes up 200 to 500 gigabytes. In addition the utmost highest image quality without any data loss is required for the postproduction of elaborately staged movies and feature films. So far, camera data had to be stored onto a video server or on recording devices and media with lossy compression.

At the Fraunhofer IIS, research and developments for scalable data compression and systems for storing HD and DC resolution is done. As a member of ISO (International Standardization Organization) and as head of the group Digital Cinema of the JPEG2000 ad-hoc group we offer first-hand know-how

Lici® – Lightweight image coding for Video over IP and media contribution

The Lici® codec developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS adapts image data streams to the available communication infrastructure and bandwidth without high image resolution or dynamic range enhancements falling by the wayside. The Lici® codec allows image-by-image, lossless transmission of high-resolution images with compression rations of 1:2 to 1:6. It also features extremely low latency, high throughput and requires little logic to implement. That makes it possible to integrate the Lici® codec into existing, programmable modules or utilize low-cost modules. Lici® is a cost-effective alternative for image processing and transmission systems used in professional production and for multimedia applications.