Expertise Relating to Electronic Design Automation

Expertise Relating to Electronic Design Automation

Technologies and Expertise for Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Fraunhofer IIS possesses a wide range of technologies and know-how that it uses to define, model and simulate complex, heterogeneous systems and implement them in integrated circuits. In addition to expertise in specific areas of technology, its employees are also well versed in the methodological aspects of design.

Examples in the Field of »Complex Mixed-signal System Development«:

  • Design flows and expertise for implementing mixed-signal systems in complex ICs
  • Know-how in analog circuits and their integration in digital systems
  • Know-how pertaining to the modeling and simulation of mixed-signal systems on various levels
  • Technologies and Know-how in efficient IP generation for analoge circuit components
  • Strategies and measuring techniques for use in testability analysis and circuit characterization

Examples in the Field of »Design Processes«:

  • Heterogeneous system specification for complex HW/SW systems
  • System simulation methods (numerical methods, coupled simulators and co-simulation, simulation in distributed computing infrastructures (grid, cloud), hardware-in-the-loop simulation)
  • Complex analysis of aging in conjunction with electro-thermal effects
  • Consideration of manufacturing variations in the design process
  • Formal verification of digital circuits and embedded systems
  • Methods of system integration and means of implementing 3D systems (e.g., 3D floorplanning, design space exploration, thermal analysis)
  • Verification of model-based designs

Examples in the Field of »Modeling«:

  • Use of modeling languages in behavioral modeling (e.g. VHDL-AMS, Verilog-AMS, Modelica, SystemC AMS)
  • Model reduction and abstraction
  • Modular FEM modeling of multiphysical systems
  • Adaptive model order reduction (MOR)