White Paper
“Enhancing Indoor Mobile Coverage With SUDAS”

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White paper: Enhancing indoor mobile coverage with SUDAS.

Currently, 80 percent of mobile communication takes place indoors. However, the penetration of walls weakens mobile signals so that reception is noticeably worse just a few meters behind the window. For better indoor coverage, we have developed SUDAS (Shared UE-side distributed antenna system). Through an intelligent combination of Massive MIMO technology and mm-waves, SUDAS enables better mobile reception and reliable connectivity – not only indoors, but also in vehicles.

This white paper presents use cases and deployment options for SUDAS, as well as possible enhancement options for the technology:

  • Use cases: industrial communications, vehicle connectivity, outdoor coverage enhancement
  • Enhancement options: SUDAS in private industrial networks, sidelink-based SUDAS, Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces (IRS) technology


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