Search Engine for Sports Scenes

Fast sports-scene search engine

Based on deep learning, our technology enables extremely fast searches for similar game scenarios in sports, with a search time below 1 second for about 1 million scenes. The search doesn’t require any manual annotation, only position data for the ball and players, which is already collected in many sports. This not only finds game situations very quickly, but should also automatically evaluate the execution of those situations. Using reinforcement learning, it should eventually be possible to generate unique solutions for real game situations and ultimately propose the most promising ones.

Technology innovation – performance comparison

Fast searches in tracking data as you know them from Internet search engines.

~1 million scenes Fraunhofer technology Naive search in tracking data Alternative method based on tracking data
Search time

< 0.5 seconds

> 1 hour > 30 seconds
Advantages Fast search

Independent of player role
Most accurate search type  
Disadvantages Known approximation error   Extremely long search time Unknown approximation error

Scientific publications

Löffler, C., Reeb, L., Dzibela, D., Marzilger, R., Witt, N., Eskofier, B. M., & Mutschler, C. Deep Siamese Metric Learning: A Highly Scalable Approach to Searching Unordered Sets of Trajectories ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST). Accepted, not yet published.

Reeb, L., Dzibela, D., Marzilger, R., & Witt, N. Effiziente Suche und Bewertung von Szenen in Spielsportarten. spinfortec 2020 digital, 20.

For which applications is the search engine suitable?

Game analysis

Finding and evaluating crucial or otherwise interesting scenes in recordings of sports matches is a basic work step in match analysis performed by clubs and associations (cf. DFB Academy: DFB Academy Analyses) and in media reporting. Currently, corresponding labels are entered manually during or after a game; alternatively, video footage is painstakingly searched after a game.

Using them in this project should enable the added value of more effective training management and talent scouting, such as through the automatic identification of weak points or the automatic compilation of a player’s well or poorly solved game scenes.


Media production & reporting

Finding crucial scenes in sports games or compiling tactical patterns in recordings can greatly simplify or even truly enrich media coverage.

Our portfolio & opportunities for collaboration

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