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Sports Analytics



New methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with precise real-time tracking, allow a new depth of game and training analysis.



Automated analysis methods in sports provide technically, tactically or physiologically important parameters for added value in sport applications.



Automated action recognition in combination with machine learning and hierarchical event recognition allows the automatic generation of game statistics.


Sensors in soccer

Real-time analysis of soccer players' performance and the course of play using cost-effectiv sensors and machine learning to detect speeds, actions and events for trainers and players.



Validating wearables in basketball

The validation of commercial wearables allows optimum monitoring of training and game performance for NBA players.


Sensors for boxing

Real-time measurements of the acceleration curve and speed of punches using specially developed miniaturized sensor technology in combination with sensor-based artificial intelligence.

Smart Sensing



The retrofittable and intelligent sensor module for hand tools measures various parameters in manual work processes and thus enables process optimization.


HORIS - High-resolution radar systems for infrastructure

Realistic measurement data validation for behavioral prediction of pedestrians at bus stops


Schreibtrainer – intelligent handwriting support

AI-based signal processing helps improve handwriting automaticity, spelling and letter formation.


Tool Tracking

Assembly errors can be avoided by monitoring tool user activity.



Developing reliable detection of passers-by using a combination of camera, LIDAR and RADAR sensors.



Our sensors in the brush, combined with the app support your tooth brushing experience.

Optical Tracking


Holodeck 4.0

Discover a whole new world with Virtual Reality.


Evaluation of learning, optical localization methods for industrial use.

Autonomous Systems



Developing reliable detection of passers-by using a combination of camera, LIDAR and RADAR sensors.



Indoor-Localisation/Position Estimation with Deep Learning used for signal processing chain.