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Industry 4.0

Das Schlagwort »Industrie 4.0« ist in aller Munde.
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Die Vernetzung in der Produktion von Menschen, Maschinen und Produkten mit Hilfe von Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien bietet dem Wirtschaftsstandort Deutschland enorme Wachstumschancen und Wettbewerbsvorteile.

Connectivity and automation are the two keywords of the Industrie 4.0 movement. The next step towards automated and monitored processes are machines that solve problems themselves. This is known as machine learning, which is a branch of data analytics.

Projects in the field of Industry 4.0

Event Processing

Exploring scalable and distributed event processing of sensor data streams for behavior predicating, timely response, and analytical interpretation.

Tool Tracking

Assembly errors can be avoided by monitoring tool user activity.

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Automated processes are a massive help in logistics. Data analytics offers ways to optimize these processes through continuous gathering and evaluation of data.

Projects in the field of logistics


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In the area of mobility and safety, error-free systems are essential since these can make the difference between life and death. The more data that is gathered and evaluated, the more accurate the predictions. For instance, data analytics can help detect incorrect measurements and differentiate between these and correct ones. This is an integral part of automated driving.

Projects in the field of mobility


Developing reliable detection of passers-by using a combination of camera, LIDAR and RADAR sensors.

Information und Unterhaltung Holodeck
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Data Analytics kann in vielerlei Bereichen eingesetzt werden. Dabei kann die Vermeidung von Messfehlern Menschenleben retten oder hohe Geldsummen einsparen. Doch genauso kann es schlicht und einfach nur dazu dienen, den Unterhaltungswert zu steigern.

Data analytics can be used in a variety of sectors. Avoiding measurement errors can save lives and vastly reduce costs. Or it can also simply be used to boost entertainment value.

Projects in the field of entertainment


Holodeck 4.0

Discover a whole new world with Virtual Reality.



Our sensors in the brush, combined with the app support your tooth brushing experience.

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Media coverage of sports is growing exponentially. For a long time now, the focus has been not just on the results but also on individual performances. Data analytics can precisely calculate and evaluate sports-relevant parameters.

Projects in the field of sports



Training analysis value with additional information.



Automated action recognition in combination with machine learning and hierarchical event recognition allows the automatic generation of game statistics.

LZE - Project

Automated analysis methods in sports provide technically, tactically or physiologically important parameters for added value in sport applications.

Embedded Systems- Fitness

New methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with precise real-time tracking, allow a new depth of game and training analysis.

Sensors in soccer

Real-time analysis of soccer players' performance and the course of play using cost-effectiv sensors and machine learning to detect speeds, actions and events for trainers and players.