Machine Learning Seminars

At a glance

The Machine Learning Forum offers a wide variety of advanced training options for students and developers in industry. On one hand, the new university courses offered for Master’s students establish a wide range of options for deep immersion based on various seminars, practicums, and lectures. On the other hand, hands-on labs oriented toward industry work through the theoretical content, combining it with practical industry issues. This work aims to develop solutions for areas relevant to Germany, such as Industry 4.0, production, and the automotive sector. In addition, the Machine Learning Forum helps small and midsize businesses to use data made available in the context of digitalization by applying ML and to make decision-making processes easier.

The cooperation between the department chairs of Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) and the departments at Fraunhofer is based on the transformation of lecture and seminar contents into practice-oriented, multiday workshops. The direct reuse and ongoing evolution of themes used in the cooperative development of scripts and content for exercises results in a continuous exchange between research and industry via labs and forums. This leads to continual improvement of the respective teaching concepts for students and industry developers.


Our Seminars and Events


Machine Learning Seminars

The web seminar on machine learning conveys the successful implementation of machine learning projects for industry in a professional environment.


Reinforcement Learning Seminar

This in-depth course on the topic of reinforcement learning offers a comprehensive insight into the theory and practice through a mix of theory and practice.


Machine Learning Forum 2021

The Machine Learning Forum is a connectivity platform between  research and industry and serves as a networking event.