The 5G DIALOG has been taking place since February 2021 and provides information on 5G technology and application scenarios. The active exchange and transfer of knowledge is promoted in lively discussion groups. The "5G DIALOG" format is carried out by NIK e.V. in cooperation with the 5G Bavaria initiative of Fraunhofer IIS.

5G DIALOG goes OM7 - Create the future of 5G together

The next 5G DIALOG is going to take place at 22th of June 2023 at the OM7 in Nuremberg and will therefore be held in german language. Visit our german website to find out more about the event.



Next Dates and Recordings

Next Dates

On 22th of June 2023 the 5G DIALOG will be live in Nuremberg.


Recordings of the sessions in english language

There were already two sessions of 5G DIALOG in english. A recording is available at the youtube channel of NIK e.V.:


All Recordings

You can also watch all recordings of the german sessions of 5G DIALOG:

11.05.2022 – 5G in motion

09.03.2022 – 5G im Einsatz

01.12.2021 – Deep Dive - 5G (englisch)

20.10.2021 – 5G Testbed LIVE (englisch)

19.05.2021 – Live aus dem 5G Industrial Testbed

14.04.2021 – 5G in der industriellen Kommunikation

10.03.2021 – Mehr Flexibilität in der Produktion durch 5G-Positioning

03.02.2021 – 5G Testbed-Industrie 4.0 ​- Industrieanwendungen mit 5G testen​