Consulting and training

Fraunhofer IIS offers a wide range of advice in a tailor-made localization solutions with 5G. Our experts will advise you on the basis of your technical requirements, which will be collected together with you. Fraunhofer IIS can draw on many years of experience in all state-of-the-art technologies for localization and is therefore able to provide open technology advice. We can match your use cases based on different parameters with the performance of different technologies to find the best solution for your application. Fraunhofer IIS also carries out technical studies on localization issues.

We also offer Trainings in 5G for companies and their employees, best suited. To the subject areas you are interested in.

Our offer:

  • Advice on the introduction of localization or 4G / 5G cellular technologies
  • Creation of technology studies, for example on the suitability of localization technologies in relation to their problem
  • Training for your employees in the area of ​​localization and 4G / 5G mobile radio