Sports technologies

Localization in team sports

Localization and analytics technologies from Fraunhofer IIS are the basis for the Jogmo system currently being used by the National Hockey League (NHL). At the NHL All-Star Game in San José, the Jogmo system will go live for a wide audience for the first time, offering more real-time information about players and the game than was ever possible in hockey before.

“I skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been.”
(Wayne Gretzky – NHL legend)


For many years, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits has been offering recognized localization and communication solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the domains of manufacturing, mobility and sport. Precise and real-time-capable tracking and analytics systems are at the core of our development and solutions offerings. Our systems and technologies particularly excel in sports that are characterized by high complexity, high-speed action and the no less complex conditions of the field or arena. The company jogmo world corp. further develops the technology and makes it available to users such as the NHL.


Out onto the ice – In the thick of the action, not on the sidelines!

The example of hockey demonstrates the particular advantages of Fraunhofer localization:

  • - High measurement rate,
      which allows us to capture even the fastest movements without interruption.
  • - Robust and reliable measurement,
      even when the puck accelerates very quickly and in complex scenes of the match
  • - Mechanical miniaturization and optimal adaptation to puck,
      which does not affect how the puck behaves during play.
  • - Real-time analysis fully synchronous with the play,
      so that trainers and spectators are always following “live” and up to speed with the action.

The use of localization technology and analysis of the captured data open up new opportunities for the tactical and strategic planning of games and training. Being able to interpret data increases the attractiveness of many sports and enhances people’s understanding of the game and its individual plays. That´s why AI (artificial intelligence) methods for sports analytics are currently the focus of research activities at Fraunhofer IIS in positioning and networks at the location in Nuremberg.

With our goal-line technology and our systems for training support in soccer, rugby and boxing, which have already been used by a wide variety of clubs and leagues for several years now, we offer system solutions at the cutting edge of digital technology.



Position data is made available in fractions of a second and automatically analyzed using pattern recognition and event detection methods. User-specific data preparation and visualization modes are provided in real time.


Data Analytics

The terms “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” are everywhere these days. Fraunhofer IIS uses these technical innovations to add value.