CardioTextil Record
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3-channel-ECG recorded by CardioTextil under resting conditions
FitnessSHIRT – Improving Safety Through Telemonitoring
© Fraunhofer IIS
FitnessSHIRT – Improving Safety Through Telemonitoring

Wearable technology is booming and is no longer limited to devices and apps for training monitoring and control for sport and lifestyle. More and more portable electronics are used in the fields of medicine, automotive or occupational safety and are intended to ensure all-round monitoring, even in everyday life.
However, despite the large selection, many requirements cannot be met. For certain applications e.g. a certain sensor or high data quality is required, which is not commercially available.

We offer individual development services for wearables:
Tailored to the requirements of our customers and their areas of application, we develop integrated sensor front ends, integrate them into the desired textile and develop the appropriate algorithms for analyzing the bio signals.



Our sensors for biosignal recording:

  • Rhythmogram with 2 electrodes
  • Pulse wave using photoplethysmographie
  • Medical ECG with up to 3 channels
  • Breathability with multi-channel breathing tape
  • Electrodes for EMG measurement
  • EDA electrodes
  • Inertial sensors to record movement and activity

Textiles for the integration of sensors close to the body:

  • Compression shirt
  • Shoulder belt
  • Bicycle, motorcycle helmet
  • Fitness tape

Algorithms for biosignal analysis:

  • Breathing analysis
  • ECG analysis (RR detection, arrhythmia detection)
  • Analysis and reconstruction of human movements (e.g. walking, running, cycling, ...)

Applications for Fraunhofer IIS Smart Textiles



Medical grade ECG for cardiology



Heart rate and breathing for sports & lifestyle

Sleep Diagnostics

Wearables for the reliable detection of bio-signals while sleeping - at home and in the sleep laboratory - please, contact us!



Are you already using commercial wearables and want to evaluate the signal quality?
As an independent institute, we offer you smart test solutions for the parameters measured by wearables or apps and compare them with the given gold standards.

Occupational Safety


Technologies for better and safer occupational safety – contact us!


Development – Integration – Analysis.

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