Development of a Socio-technical System for an Age-appropriate Home Environment to Support Healthy and Independent Living

The GEWOS Project

The project “GEWOS“ investigates a socio-technical system consisting of an innovative chair (with sensor-actuator systems), an Internet-based platform, TV, further interaction elements and related services. The aim is to promote personal health embedded in a physically and emotionally enabling environment. The individual is encouraged to be physically active depending on their physical abilities and interests and is supported with further measures conducive to health.

Project Aims

  • Preserve and support the autonomy of elderly in their own home
  • Prevention through health monitoring and exercise encouragement
  • Development of health promoting measurements sustaining a high degree of motivation
  • Implementation of a holistic solution with intuitive user interface, high level of acceptance and attractive design
  • Enhance the quality of life and vitality

Mode of Operation

GEWOS Visualisation
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GEWOS Visualisation

At first the user beholds a comfortable but quite ordinary TV chair. In just a few simple steps, however, the chair can be transformed into a high-performance exercise and training device. Hidden in the arm rests of the chair is an integrated rowing mechanism for a healthy and enjoyable workout.

During workout the vital parameters and the user´s weight distribution are measured by sensors, which are seamlessly integrated into the chair, and then transmitted via Bluetooth and WLAN to a smart phone, tablet PC or TV. At a single glance the user can monitor how his heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure or body weight develop over a period of time. With the help of the recorded data a virtual health assistant draws up personalized training programs and adapts or updates them depending on the training progress.

The “GEWOS“ system concept supports the so-called primary prevention, which seeks to prevent diseases and conditions through a healthy life style. The “GEWOS“ motion chair supports the user in staying healthy, fit and independent.

More Information

Brochure “Medical Communication and Biosignal Processing“

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